Do you feel stuck in your life?

Do you feel that you are not where you want to be? Do you feel that you can perform better on your job, athletic team, or role in an organization? Do you struggle for balance in your home and professional life? Together we will unlock your power spiritually, mentally, socially, physically, and financially so you can become the best version of yourself. 

Below are the different types of coaching I offer:


Do you feel that you are at a fork in your spiritual journey and you're not sure which way to go? Have you had the thought that maybe things would be better if you could just declutter your mind and mental space?


Are you in a rut physically? Do you feel that you don't have enough to get back to the physical health you were once in? Do you feel like time is getting in the way?


Socially engaging environments or situations got you down? Do you struggle with effective communication?


Are you tired of struggling to make ends meet financially? Do you sometimes feel that you will never experience financial freedom?

How 5C Coaching Will Change Your Life

In our work together, you will discover how to transform your trials, tests, and tribulations into your powerful testimony of life. 

My passion is to help those who feel stuck or lost to rediscover their strength so that you become the best version of yourself. I want you to be capable, competent, confident, conscious, and courageous. 


I’ve been there. I have felt what you may be going through. I learned how to move beyond that place, and I want to help you start your journey. Read my story below:

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I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me and all you have helped me accomplish. Your ability to LISTEN and withhold judgment is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

- Artissa S. 



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